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What is your human hair quality grades? What is the best sellers?

Feelgood only supply 100% human hair ,we have different quality grades:

Grade Super A + : 100% cuticle remy hair, double drawn

Grade Super A:  100% cuticle remy hair ,single drawn

Grade AAA+: 100% remy hair ,double drawn

Grade AAA:  100% remy hair, 70% drawn

Grade AA:   100% remy hair, 50% drawn

Grade A:    100%  remy hair, single drawn

Grade B:    100% human hair

Actually, Grade super A+ , is the best quality , but it is much more expensive than other grades because it is used best raw hair with double drawn. Now our customers need mostly grade AAA+, Grade AAA and Grade AA, it is very good quality raw hair with good prices.

'Grade B' being the more basic 100% human hair that has been subjected to more basic production processes than higher graded hair but remains a top seller in the hair industry due to its low prices, it is said that 'Grade B' hair will last 1-2 months. 

'Grade A series' is 100% Remy human hair that is processed to create a more conditioned stronger hair with more vibrant colours, it can take more washes and stay looking top quality for longer, it is said that 'Grade A' hair will last at least 6-8 months.  

'Grade Super A' human hair is the most premium remy/remi of all hairs, its cuticles are left intact for maximum managability, it has such strength that it is similar in condition to European hair and will last for 10-12 months.

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