Our Team

  • Philip Wang

    General Manager

    Market is our guideline, Quality is our foundation

  • Shaoyan Liu

    Finance Director

    Attitude is everything, Details make difference

  • Sandy Zhang

    Customer Representative

    Your satisfaction is our expectation, your expectation is what we purchase

  • Carry Zeng

    Customer Representative

    Quality is our life, Customer is our focus

  • Troy Woo

    Customer Representative

    Do meet your reqiurements, be beyond your expectation

  • Queenie Yang

    Customer Representative

    Your satisfaction is the sole criterion for testing our work

  • Chengliang Yuan

    Factory Manager

    Think prudently, operate acutely, inspect seriously, approve rigorously

  • Rui Yu

    QC Supervisor

    Bear quality awareness in mind, control quality with hand

  • Yin

    Base Creation Expert

    It is the usuall problem and tiny defect that ruins quality vitally.

  • Lili Yang

    Hair System Repair Expert

    More attention, less problems

  • Wanshan Jiang

    Production Supervisor

    With no defect production, there will be perfect products

  • Ziwei Zhao

    Technology Supervisor

    Analyze problems seriously, and solve them thoroughly

  • Lihua Yang

    Experienced Technician ( hair matching)

    The more customers ask, the more we learn

  • Shengjin Guo

    Experienced Technician ( Tri-head weft machine)

    We would rather exam beforehand than remedy afterwards

  • Lanli Xue

    Packaging Department Supervisor

    High quality is something achieved by production rather than inspection

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