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  • How often should I wash the hairpiece?

    The easiest way to look after the hair piece is to wash it regularly, but how often is enough to keep the piece pristine? please click below to learn more.    

  • How to take measurements for hair systems

    In order to buy the wigs and toupees which can perfectly fit you, you should take your measurements carefully. Before you start, pin hair as flat and as tight as possible then take the measurements. This will eliminate bulges that distort head

  • What is under venting

    Under venting, also called under vent/under knots,  means hair is knotted under the base to hide the edge. It is usually used for Poly part and folded lace part, always made on the front

  • Problems you may meet after you get the hair systems

    When you get the hair system, maybe you are confused with some problems after using several weeks, like shedding hair only on the lace area, color not match the color ring, thinner density etc. Pls see the below questions:

  • How does FeelGood Hair deal with their hair systems orders?

    As one of the leading Chinese hair manufacturers in the industry, some of above problems are also hard to be avoided, we may not be perfect, so to speak, but we always try our best to supply our clients with high quality hair. It is usually

  • How to palce a hair system order to Chinese Suppliers?

    When you want to make a hair system, but don't know how to choose a supplier who is suitable for u and how to place an order, maybe the below file can help you.

  • Raw Hair Situation

    In the current hair market, there are various problems when it comes to raw hair. The demand for high quality raw hair has grown and it has become extremely challenging to meet this demand. If you are one such person who faces a similar challenge,

  • Different Hair Grades

    Most people do not know the difference between hair grades when it comes to Hair Quality. It is also ture that most of manufacturers and suppliers do not want their customers to have this knowledge as this would most certainly be detrimental to

  • Hair Quality Definition

    Remy Hair Extensions is probably the most misunderstood and overused phrase in our industry. Long ago, the definition of remy hair was used to describe human hair that was the highest grade of virgin hair with an intact cuticle. Remy hair was also

  • Double Drawn and Single Drawn

    Single drawn simply refer to when the single strands in the hair have different lengths similar to our natural hair. These are less expensive type of hair. As with double drawn, all the individual hair strands are of equal lengths.  In this

  • FAQs about custom made systems

    Custom toupee is made as per the customer's specification, including the exact size, hair color, density etc. For us, if the quantity is less than 5 units with same specifications, we will make as custom made units. Stock toupee is made as stated

  • Return Policy

    When you get the hair extensions or hair systems, you find some obvious mistakes, pls check our return policy, it can help you and your benefit.