Showering with tape hair extensions

When it comes to showering with your tape hair extensions there can be some questions and concerns. Such as “can I even get my extensions wet?” We want to be sure that you know and understand what you need to do to ensure the best hold with the tape.


After Installation

After your tape hair extensions are installed please wait 48 hours until your next shower. This will help your tape hair extensions stay in longer and give you a better hold. If you absolutely need to shower talk to your hairstylist first.



You should only be showering around two times a week. We understand that everyone’s hair is different due to the amount of oil your hair may have but we suggest this because your hair needs those nourishing oils that keep your natural hair healthy. For anyone with thick curly/wavy hair, you can get away with washing your hair once a week. If you feel that your scalp is getting oily, use a dry shampoo to absorb any excess oil your scalp may have. We also want to recommend that you use sulfate-free products because they can help your tape hair extensions last longer. They do not strip any natural oils and it will help keep your hair happy and healthy!


Scrubbing your hair

When showering we recommend that you do NOT scrub on the wefts. Try to focus on the scalp and then below. Scrubbing on the wefts could potentially loosing the bond and not give you as long of a hold as you wanted.  Gently apply your condition from mid strand to the ends of your hair.


In-Shower Condition Treatments 

If you feel your hair needs moisture and you have a coconut moisture treatment you would like to use, place it at the bottom of your hair and tape hair extensions. If you place it too close to the top your hair could weight your hair down and mess with your wefts.


Drying your hair

DO NOT brush your hair when it is wet. We also recommend that you do not wrap your head in a towel or flip your hair upside down and try to dry it with a towel. You need to slowly start at the ends and work your way up. Avoid squeezing and pulling your hair, slowly pat dry and reduce tangles.