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22" Flat Weft

The Flat Wefts are less than 1 mm (0.039 inches) thick. It is by far the thinnest application for sew-in hair weaves and gets rid of bulkiness which is associated with sew in hair weaves and machine stitched weave-in wefts.


  • Hair type: 100% Cuticle Remy Hair
  • Hair Length: 14-30 inches
  • Hair Colors: Jet black to blond, ombre colors, mixed colors & more. (Please download our Color Chart or Contact for custom colors.)
  • Weight: 100g/pack (or made as per your requirements)

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • MOQ: 10-30 Packs
  • Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal
  • Delivery Time: Around 4 Weeks
  • Transportation: FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT
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Weft Hair Extensions FAQ's

1. Will these hair extensions be dry and tangle after 1~2 washes?

Definitely not. All Feelgood hair extensions are made of 100% remy hair, which is soft & tangle-free just like natural hair. Unlike those non-remy hair coated with silicone to look shiny, our remy hair extensions can normally last over ONE year with proper care.

2. Why prices for machine weft hair extensions differ so much among different suppliers?

It’s the raw hair quality & hair length ratio that decide the prices of hair extensions.

At Feelgood, we only manufacture top quality hair extensions. That are double drawn hair extensions made with 100% cuticle remy hair.

3. Is this hair easy to shed?

No. Our machine weft hair extensions are stitched with 3-head machines by our skillful workers & wiped with premium glue to prevent shedding.

4. Can I custom my weft hair extensions?

Of Course. Both the color and length can be custom-made according to your requirements. You can download our color chart or contact us directly for any custom needs.

5. What is the lead time of these machine weft hair extensions?

If you’re not making any change of the original design, you’ll receive your hair extensions in about 4 weeks.

It may take 1-2 weeks longer for custom products. But we can always meet the timeline we promise.

6. Do you offer OEM packaging?

Yes. We’ve gained a lot of OEM experience. Click here to learn more about our OEM services

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