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    100% cuticle Remy Hair.

    Every strand of hair is handpicked by our experienced experts to ensure it can last for at least 1 year with good care.

  • raw-hair-selection


    Our hair expert looks carefully to compare the tip & root colors, and the subtle changes of colors & highlights, which are indicators of the human hair.

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    Then our expert holds the hair in hand to feel if it has a good drop, touch to see if it's soft & silky, and pull to check if it's easy to break or not.

  • hair-bleaching

    Bleaching Test

    Only natural human hair can be bleached to a light color. The hair that passed the first two inspections will go through a trail bleaching to check its authenticity.

Quality Control
Throughout The Whole Process

In-process inspections & tests ensure that our clients receive products with uniformly high quality.

  • length-inspection

    Length Inspection

    Before processing, our QC staff will check if the length ratioof the hair extension or hair piece is consistent with the order.

  • color-inspection

    Color Inspection

    After coloring, we wash the hair 3-5 times to ensure no fading occurs. Our QC staff will compare the hair color with the color chart to check color consistency.

  • tensile-test

    Tensile Test

    After bleaching, every strand of hair will undergo a tensile test & multiple washing to ensure it's not easy to break and it's tangle-free.

  • wavy-hair-inspection

    Wavy Hair Inspection

    For wavy hair extensions or hair pieces, we'll inspect after curling to see if the hair is waved according to the sample & order requirements.

  • weight-Inspection

    Weight Inspection

    Before processing the hair using special techniques, we will weigh the bulk hair to ensure its weight is not less than required.

  • hair-ventilating-inspection

    Hair Ventilating Inspection

    After ventilating, our QC staff will inspect the hairpiece to see if the proper method has been applied, and also if the hair density and direction meet the requirements.

  • hair-moisture-control

    Hair Moisture Control

    After processing, hair extensions will be transferred to a room to absorb proper moisture to ensure it's healthy & not easy to break.

  • final-inspection

    Final Inspection

    Before packing, every product will go through a detailed final check to ensure the hair length, color, style, and every detail are consistent with your needs.

Coloring Experience:
Recipes To Consistent Color

Just like cooks using the same ingredients can make different dishes, coloring workers applying the same dyes can create different results. Experience is the key to generate good & consistent coloring results.

Most of our coloring workers have a dozen years of experience in hair coloring. Using gentle German dyes, they can get just the right color for the hair while keeping the damage to the hair to a minimum.

hair-sewing s05-pic2 s05-pic3 s05-pic4

Delicate Handwork:
Secrets of Superior Quality

It's the handwork that distinguishes the best hair extensions & hair pieces from lower-quality ones.

For hair extensions, every hair weft is delicately sewn, and every boned is carefully made by our experienced workers to ensure the most
eye-pleasing look & the least possibility of shedding.

For hair pieces, every hair is attached to the toupee base using special techniques to make sure that the hair density & growing direction match with the natural hair.

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