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Clip-in Hair With Lace

Clip in hair can be attached and removed in minutes. There is no need for sewing or gluing, simply clip in the hair and you will have a dreaming hair in an instant, this ways is quick and flash, easy to use, damage free and reusable.


  • Hair type: 100% Cuticle Remy Hair
  • Hair Length: 14-30 inches
  • Hair Colors: Jet black to blond, ombre colors, mixed colors & more. (Please download our Color Chart or Contact for custom colors.)
  • Weight: 120g including clips (or made as per your requirements)

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • MOQ: 10-30 Packs
  • Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal
  • Delivery Time: Around 4 Weeks
  • Transportation: FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT
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Clip-in Hair Extensions FAQ's

1. What's the advantage of clip in hair?

Clip in hair can be attached and removed in minutes .There is no need for sewing or gluing ,simply clip in the hair and you will have a dreaming hair in an instant,this ways is quick and flash ,easy to use ,damage free and reusable

2. Why the hair turns to be dry and tangle after 1~2 washes?

The raw hair quality decides the finished products quality, if you get the non remy hair with bad process, it would be dry and tangle very quickly. As our opinion,  the main reason is the raw hair. Real remy hair can last over a year without any problem, non remy hair can only last 2-4 weeks mostly.

3. Why are the prices so much different from different suppliers?

There are two key factors to decide the quotation:

One is the cost of raw hair which is extremely different with different types( cuticle remy, remy, non remy etc) . for example, the cuticle remy hair is around 40%-50% higher than the non remy hair( Dead hair that is falling naturally).

The other factor is the hair length ratio( double drawn, single drawn, 30% ,40% single drawn, etc). The more the long hair is, the higher the price would be. For example, the double drawn is around 30%-40% higher than the single drawn.

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